Tuition Programs

After you have tried out Taekwondo in our New Student Program Special (See Specials if you are looking to start) you can then Renew in one of our great Tuition Programs. We also offer the best family member discounts (2nd Member 25% Off, 3rd Member 40% Off,  4th Member 60% Off, 5th Member 75% Off)

I am honest with your Tuition, I want you to know exactly how much you are investing in and that there are no surprise. After you have tried out classes and experienced it, you will love it and want to keep going and know that it is not a cost but more of an investment. 

*No Annual Membership Fee

*No Registration Fee

*Attend up to 3 Classes Per Week

Options: Month To Month: Stop anytime if you need to. However there are no Discounts for this option.    

Loyalty Program: Discounted Monthly Tuition for Specific number of Months:

5 Month Plan

7 Month Plan

12 Month Plan

We also offer Paid In Full Specials for: (Biggest Discounts)

5 Months 

7 Months  

12 Months 

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