Tae Kwon Do: Our Awesome Martial Art Training that develops confidence, focus, self-control, physical skills, Self-Defense, and it also a sport. Doing all this while improving on Life Skills & Character Building (Preschool, Juniors, Teens/Adults) Minimum Age: 4 Years Old (Maybe 3, with Conditions)

KickBoxing: Learn Pro-Combos while getting a great workout. Fun Drills and exercises good for all levels of training.  (Teens / Adults)

Bully Defense Seminar: Twice A Year we put on a program that is specifically geared towards kids and bully defense.  Learn practical techniques for in school situations and most importantly how to hand bullies with out using any physical contact first. Learn to have a stronger confidence, learn power phrases, how to report, how to help others around you that may be victims of bullying. Our Next 3 Hour Bully Defense Seminar Will Be In August (Date/Time TBA Soon) 

Women's Self-Defense:  We put on an annual self-defense summit for women and we will be starting a once a month mini-class to keep your skills and awareness fresh and sharp.  More Details coming soon

Birthday Parties: We can put on an awesome Birthday party for your Birthday superstar.  Obstacle Courses, Breaking Board, Games, Decorations, Slideshow, Music, Pizza, 

Ninja Trix  An Awesome Mix of Parkour, Gymnastics, Tricking, Martial Arts, and Fitness.  Minimum Age: 7 Years Old 


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