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 "Great for any age, any experience level: kids learn self defense, respect and discipline; adults gain fitness, martial arts skills and joy! Come one come all."        Yu-Han C

"Moe's Sidekicks has taught my son so much in the couple of months he's been doing TKD. They are very friendly and I would recommend Moe's to anyone looking to get into TKD!" Lisa L.

"Thee martial art style in town. The moe's are very nice people who do an excellent job of teaching and awesome with kids." John D

"If you find yourself wanting to try something new in, stop by Moes Sidekicks Tae Kwon Do. You will find a family atmosphere,with people who will support and encourage you and your children. And if that's not enough, Tae Kwon Do will transform your mind,body,and spirit." Tina S

"Me and my children have loved being a part of the Sidekicks family! My children are becoming more confident, responsible and healthy by the day. We are making new friends and we enjoy every class." Valerie A

"My son and I are both taking classes and it's wonderful! Recommend it to anyone!" Marcia Marie R

"We have been involved for one week and I am impressed with all that my son has learned! Great program!!" Valerie R

"Moe's Sidekicks is such a friendly and positive place!! The first class I was welcomed in and treated so well it. It really helped take away the nerves and made me feel confident I made the right choice to try this out! Master Jason really cares about his students and wants them to succeed! And everyone there was so kind and work together as a team. I highly recommend!" Kayla T

"As iron sharpens iron, the people of Sidekicks sharpen each other in the art of Taekwondo. This Dojang is full of family values while providing a full traditional Taekwondo experience." Vicki P

"I have two kids enrolled. A 3 year old girl and an 8 year old boy. In the few short months they have been participating, they have grown so much! Not only do they love taekwondo and have dreams of 'breaking wood' as they say, but their confidence is boosting every day! Thank you!" Nicole B

"Great people and great challenges. Here, you do not only learn to "kick"; you learn about discipline, humility, self-defense, self-respect and respect to others, and much more. And above all you discover a whole new sport, make friends and have fun. It is great for kids and for adults. I totally recommend it" Ariadna C

Sidekicks Voted one of the Top Martial Art Schools in the Area!

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